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Dependency of internet has been increasing in the whole world day by day. Because people are getting competitor with one another. There is no one who is going to stop this competition. Many gadget manufacturing organizations are enjoying this competition. They are building and producing different types of products and by those products, you can easily use internet. Most of those products come with Wi-Fi feature. So, accessibility of people to internet has been easier and faster. Now people do not site front of computer for using internet. In every places, Wi-Fi is easy to use by those smart gadgets.
Just a router is necessary to enable Wi-Fi. In this case, it is not very difficult task and people can easily buy a router. Router brand is very important thing because performance of the product/router is very important. This is why, I choose product from Linksys or D-Link. There are many different brands and models for the router which you may. After buying a router or any networking device, it is necessary to setup and configure the device. It is not very difficult. Because all of the manufacturers give some instructions how to do what. So, new users do not need to afraid.
You should read the manual and all of the papers to know all about configuration and internal setting is very important and this is why, you need something like default Username and password with the default IP address. All of those default data are setup by the manufacture but user can change that. You may find that your router uses the default IP address and most of the home routers use this IP address in those devices. The default IP address is very important thing but default username and password are not so important but you cannot ignore those things.
All default data like IP address, username and password are used together to login to the router control panel. Some routers also give application and then they do not give those default things but most of the routers do not give the application and you need to use all default things which are used on the browser. Such as, you have to type the default IP address on the browser address bar. Now click on the go button from the browser and you will get a screen where you will put rest of the default things like username and password.
There are different types of IP addresses and in a networking device a IP address range is set from those IP address class. Those IP address is also called private IP address. Private IP address is used mainly in networking devices and another IP address is called public IP address which is used in website. In this router, the IP address is used and You can identify the IP address class to see the IP address. The first parts let you identify the IP address class. The IP address is taken from Class C.
To know about the IP address class is very necessary when you think to change the IP address and this thought should not come in mind unless you get the IP address problem. Only problem can be solved when the IP address will be changed and it is not necessary to change the default IP address without any cause. However, some people think by changing the IP address can keep the router settings safe but I suggest them to change the default username and password to secure the settings. However, you can change the IP address and later I will discuss more about the IP address change.
Now think of the setup which will be internally and this is why you should log in to the router. You know already how to log in to the device. In many routers, you will get wizard tool which is easy to use. Manual setting is perfect for those users who know advance things of the router and Wi-Fi or that person is an expert. Wizard tool is the best option to setup internet without facing any problem and you can setup internet fast. After setup settings, you have to save all settings. Manual settings are not perfect for new users.
After internet setting in the router and networking device, you should think of the Wi-Fi security. You have learned how to secure the router. You can do this by changing the default username and password. When you want to ensure the security, then you need to confirm the security for Wi-Fi. In every router, you will get Wi-Fi security features. You should enable WPA2 and WAP. If you find any latest encryption system for you Wi-Fi, then you should enable that. MAC filtering is one of the best process to secure the Wi-Fi. You can give permission and deny to use of Wi-Fi from any other devices. SSID network name is very important thing and this is also a part of Wi-Fi security.
Now know about the router reset button. This button comes with every router and networking devices. This button helps user to put all default settings quick. You may need to press the reset button for 10 to 15 seconds. Now you will find that all of your manual settings will not work. You have to apply all default things including the default IP address for log in to the device.
You should know that what place is the best place to keep your router. You should keep the router middle of your office or home area. So, it can send its signal to around and every people can catch it from your area. Do not place the device near micro oven or near the window. If you keep the router near Window, then outsider out of your home can catch the router signal. If you keep the router near the micro oven, the Wi-Fi signal will be hampered and smartphone cannot get signal. The micro oven may harm the router also.
You should read the router manual properly. So, you will learn all things what you need to know. But many things you may not find in the router manual and other papers. You will learn all about those things from this article. However, you should keep the all information in a note safe as if you can utilize those things later. YouTube.com is the best site for getting video instruction about the router and Wi-Fi. You do not need to face any other site if you read this article and manual, browse YouTube and manufacturing websites. You will find everything cool.